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Sales reps who work with customers and prospects spread out across the many countries of Southeast Asia, Australia, and India face a big a challenge.

While overcoming language barriers, cultural nuances, different working styles, and logistics across a large geography can be overwhelming, the results are often just the opposite – reps struggle to prioritize their time, fail to learn key cultural nuances that could make them more effective, and miss targets they should be crushing. And because there’s no formal training about cross-cultural communications for sales teams, this topic is often overlooked by even experienced sales leaders.

In this SAGE webinar, Kyle Hegarty (Author and MD of TSL Marketing) will examine the key cultural trends that affect sales interactions in Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Using cross-cultural data, he’ll explore how you can better tailor sales messaging to your local audiences, improve your regional customer relationships, and better manage your territory during times of uncertainty.

Event Sponsor: TSL Marketing


Selling Across Cultures

Using Cross-Cultural Data to Navigate Southeast Asia & Australia

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