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You have 60 seconds to introduce yourself, your company, and make me want to schedule a follow-up conversation with you …GO!

The concept of a pitch that could fit neatly into a 30 second – 2 minute window rose to prominence from the 1970s – 1990s. It was originally invented as a technique that journalists used to pitch story ideas to busy editors, but the structure of the ‘Elevator Pitch’ has risen to such popularity that it has forced its way into other areas of our professional lives –networking, cold calls, interviews – for which it was never intended to be used.

In this SAGE Webinar, Bjorn Turmann (MD of SpeakingEnergy) examines the failings of the traditional Elevator Pitch and explores a few habits from Hollywood’s greatest storytellers that will help you book more meetings, better engage your audience, and create new opportunities in all aspects of your career.

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The End of the Elevator Pitch

How to Use Stories & Scenes to Reinvent Your Opening Message

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